The Primer I Will Always Keep Re-Purchasing: Nivea Men's Afershave Balm

March 31, 2016

Priming was something I never used to take seriously. The concept of making a smooth and clear base before applying your make up was just non-existent in my makeup routines. Until NikkieTutorials (aka the makeup god) first introduced the Nivea Men's Post-Shave Balm - which is crazy I know, a men's shave balm as a primer? But let me tell you, this is probably the best thing you could rub on your face before 'beat' time. Seeing as I have purchased it 3 times, you get the hint that I love this stuff!
The Nivea Balm is of a really thin watery consistency and feels really cooling, lightweight and hydrating against my skin, it doesn't breakout my sensitive skin either( I mean? bonus or what). It fills in fine lines and and creates a velvety smooth base ready for foundation application. My foundation glides on perfectly and lasts all day without a doubt - no patches here and there at all! I have combination skin, which means my t-zone gets super oily while my cheeks are dry as anything. But this primer helps keep those areas moisturised and my oily sections intact and not as if they are melting/dissolving away - which is not a good look lol!

The magic behind this primer is the fact that the second main ingredient is glycerine (your makeup saviour) It acts as a 'magnet' and helps keep your make up intact all day! Certainly, as it's a product aimed for men (hence the name) it does have a very strong masculine smell to it, which doesn't really bother me and either way it fades once it settles onto your skin.
It comes in a glass bottle which to be honest isn't really practical, as I am extremely clumsy and I drop everything! But as a payback you get 100ml that lasts foreverrrr. I have so far used up a bottle and a half since last summer and I recently purchased another one, just cause the though of running out is nerve wrecking! It is available everywhere & I get mine from Bodycare for £2.49!!!
This primer is definitely one of my holy grail products and frankly I cannot apply foundation without using this first.

What are your thoughts on this primer & does it work for you too?

Hope xo

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