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July 29, 2016

Lashes are probably one of my favourite things about make up but I must say they are an absolute pain in the backside to put on - specially if you are part of the watery eyes gang. The struggle is real! But they can honestly up your make up game from a 4 to a strong 10.5! So for me they aren't an option.

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I was recently sent a sparkly glittery package from _Ilashes_ filled with eyelash goodness *inserts love heart emoji* I was sooooo exited to try them! _Ilashes_ are a very popular lash brand on Instagram who was founded by a professional makeup artists who was frustrated due to the lack of variety of lashes accessible in the UK as well as price wise.
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When it comes to lashes I tend to be quite picky - I like to keep it simple when it comes to length, weight and how fluttery they are. I had to step out my comfort zone with some of the lashes they sent me but I found that they looked great on, added extra glamour to the look without making my eye lids feel super heavy. Jasmine Lashes are my absolutely favourite pair by far - I wore them on my 18th and they stayed on all day comfortably with no problems (Since then I have wore them up 4 times and they are still intact). Eva lashes are also one of my favourites - they are like 'my lashes but better' simple and great for everyday wear. Another highlight of these lashes is that they can be used multiple times if you take good care of them.
Blog Bout Beauty _illashes_ lashes DUO Glue False EVA JASMINE
There are 11 different styles on offer and it has just been announced that _ILashes_ will be releasing 2 new styles at the end of this month. The best part is all their lashes are super affordable at just £2 each!!! Which is very favourable for those who are obsessed with lashes (like me lol) but also make-up artists who want to keep their prices low but still use good quality products.

What are your favourite lashes?

Hope xo

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