NEW IN: Urban Decay Full Spectrum Palette Review*

December 24, 2016

If you read my post on 6 ways to up your makeup game you would know that I'm trying to implement more colour into my beauty routine other than the usual orangy browns and purples I alwayssssss do. When I opened my mail last week to the new limited edition FULL SPECTRUM EYESHADOW PALETTE* by Urban decay I was overwhelmed with excitement.

This palette features every colour of the rainbow with 21 shades of iconic eyeshadows. From super bold and bright colours to matte whites and darker shades to create the perfect ombre smoked out effect. The palette is arranged in trios of colours that work well together e.g. transition, lid and outer v shades. But you could always mix it up and create endless choice of options. 3 of the shades (Alchemy, Hatter and Metamorphosis) are from previous palettes while all the rest are bran new to UD.
Now to the actual performance of this palette? I'm not even gonna lie - I spent a heck of a time stressing on how i was going to create an eyeshadow look with this palette that still screamed 'me'. I was so used to browns, oranges and other soft colours. Plus all  the shades have hints of shimmer/glitter - which i have never worked with specially as transition colours. However - this palette blends so beautifully on my eyelids! I was shocked at how pigmented the shades were against my skin having only used concealer as a primer. 

I have definitely stepped out of my comfort zone with this UD beauty by using the lime green shade 'MEAN' on my lid. I am planning so many more looks using this palette such as a shimmer gradient sunset eye look and a reverse ocean blue smokey eye!

The packaging is fab - Urban Decay really outdone themselves this time. It's sleek black with spectrum-like lines that vary from matte to glossy with jewelled rainbow lettering. Which gives it a nice calm contrast to the awesomeness inside the palette. It also features a HUGE mirror and a doubled ended brush - a tapered one to blend out crease colours and a shadow brush to pack colour onto the lid.
The palette retails at £43 from the Urban Decay website, which works out as £2 per shadow!! It is definitely my favourite holiday palette and keep an eye out for the next few blog posts containing looks using this palette! 

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Thank you for reading. Wishing you all a Merry Christmas!
Hope xox

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