NEW IN: MUA Undress Your Skin Highlighters for Darker Skin Tones

January 18, 2017

Soooooooooo... MUA came and absolutely slayed my whole life and existence with their new highlighters! The creators of MUA decided to add 3 new highlighter to their existing glowy and shimmering highlighter collection. However, these have been catered for medium to dark skin tones as requested by a lot of their followers.
If you've read my previous blog posts you would know that 'Pink Shimmer' is one of my holy grails, having said that the colour is way to white-ish for me. So when I found out about these 3 new beauties, I definitely din't think twice about buying all three and of course reviewing them for y'all.

Golden Scintillation
Golden Scintillation MUA HIGHLIGHTERS
You want that POW POW WOW POW highlight, then this is the one. I used it in my previous WOMF and I got so many compliments because literally my highlight was popping like never before. It's a light champagne coloured highlighter and it is a lot cooler-toned than the rest. This is one is aimed at medium skin tones but I feel us darker girls can still work it out.

Rosewood Glimmer

This highlighter is very very similar to 'Pink Shimmer' by MUA but of course it is a lot darker. Rosewood Glimmer is rose gold/copper shade which works out to be more suitable for darker skin stones as it doesn't look crazy white. It is a dark highlighter but stills does it's job to highlight and make the areas glow subtly. I think this would look so good as a lid shade with a transition colour like bitten and americano by Makeup Geek #mynextlook!!

Golden Afterglow
Golden Afterglow mum highlighters

Going for a bronzed up look? MUA have your back too. Golden Afterglow is a dark bronze gold shade which is perffffff for darker skin tones. It blends in beautifully without washing you out. For some reason it reminds me of summer evenings - It's subtle but can be builded up accordingly.

What i like most about these highlighters is that they don't have sparkles or little dots of glitter which can sometimes look really cheap. When you first swatch the product it gives you an illusion that there's nothing on your fingers/brush but trustttttt me. 

They all retail at £3 (bargainnnnnn) and can be bought from Superdrug and the MUA website itself.purposely tried this product for a long period of time to see if i could find any flaws but literally there is nothing bad I could say about it. The price point A1 for the quality and the quantity that this product offers. And now that they have extended the whole range, there is highlighters to match everybody's skin stone. I will be writing a blog post soon on my highlight tips and tricks because that has been highly requested.

Have you tried any of the MUA highlighters?
Hope XO

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  1. The all look stunning esp Rosewood Glimmer and they all suit your skin tone really well.. it's good to know that they don't have noticeable chunks of glitter.. I can't believe the pigmentation you get with these for £3.. I really want to try out one of the MUA highlighters I think Iridescent Gold would suit me best


  2. Thank you very much!!! Honestly they are my new go-to's cause tbh £3!! just such a bargain and definitely get it.

    Hope xox