The Makeup Eraser - Review

February 23, 2017

I cannot put down into words how much I hate makeup wipes. Tugging, rubbing and smearing all that junk around your face is just a no from me! Plus they never actually get the job done as there is now glitter distributed across my whole damn face and panda eyes is not the look i was going for babes, nope. Keep your eyes peeled for a post of my favourite makeup remover prontoooo. But for now, lets talk about this magical funnel that is the absolute dreammmm.

The original makeup eraser is a oval flannel that contains 0 chemicals and it promises to remove all your makeup (including your toughest waterproof eyeliner, mascara and lipstick) with just a hint of water. Its made out of polyester and silk fibres which breaks the tension of oils that bond makeup to our skin - essentially getting rid off a full face in no time.

Before ever using your brand new wash cloth it needs to be put in the washing machine! To begin you drench a little portion of the cloth with warm water and simply rub off your makeup in gentle circular motions on the short nap side. You then flip it to the long nap side to exfoliate and deep cleanse your skin.
After that you add it to your washing and you re-do the whole process again - it is reusable for upto 1000 washes. Which if you do the maths - it cheaper than cotton pads, miceller water and face wipes all together! Immaright?

This little piece of cloth is actually amazing and i have been using it non-stop for the past 3 to 4 months. It will take off your full face in no time. And when i say full face I mean your eyeliner, liquid lipstick, your 2 layers of foundation and concealer and the little stubborn bits of eyelash glue on your lash line . EVERYTHING GONE!! The cloth is sooooo soft - I was worried that after a few washes it was going maybe become less effective or even harden. But it has remained just like the first time i used it.
However, concerning the exfoliating side I think is okay. It does the job and it exfoliates well but I rather use an anti-fungal/bacterial face mask or scrub to exfoliate my skin. To keep spots and rashes at bay!

Overall I give this magic sponge a 9.5/10! You really can't go wrong with it - it's cheap, easy to use and it does the job. It comes in lots of different colours black, blue, pink purple. And its available from Selfridges and Beautybay.

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  1. I hate wipes too, the thought of them makes me all funny inside?! This however, sounds amazing!

    Parie x

    Class and Glitter