I'm Back.

July 20, 2017

Soooooo, what can I say. Where do I start from?
Not gonna lie and say that the sole reason for not blogging was uni but my inability of not being able to prioritise and juggle everything together alongside work and enjoying life. Even though I have been active on Instagram my consistancy on here this year has not been trashhhhh.

I have wanted to do it but the motivation to do so was not there and i have always been a strong believer that if it does not feel right then allow it. Writing is one of my biggest weakness so i thought a break was indeed needed. However I got lost in the sauce, and somehow a little break turned into 'do i even have a blog' lol.

But yes, I'm back.

I've got so many ideas and different post planned in mind. I want to go beyond the beauty reviews and talk about errthangggg!!! During the past few months that i've been inactive, the page views for some of my post have gone crayyyy and with all the amazing feedback i get on a daily, I've realised that I've missed it. I enjoy stressing about the lighting on my flatlays and having to tweak it here and there. I enjoy rambling on about my favourite beauty products and testing product you guys want my opinion on. And i enjoy knowing people actually read my little online beauty review book whatever u want to call it lol.

But yes, I'm Back. And I'll shut uppp now cause i think I've got my point across.  I am currently just writing this at midnight while listening to my favourite album everrrr(The Weekend - Trilogy). I'm not even going to proof read this because it's coming straight out of my mind and how I genuine feel. Which is something I hope i express more in future posts. Don't get me wrong I love beauty, but there's so much more to life than that. So be expecting more lifestyle posts!
Hope xox

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