Blinding Highlighter - My Tips and Tricks

August 29, 2017

Highlight is everything, its like the icing on the cake. It completes the whole look by adding that last final touch of glow and dimension to your face. You can either go subtle or OTT but in my opinion you can never have too much freakin highlight; just saying.

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Where to highlight
To hit the nail on the head, finding out where to highlight is essential. You can do this by looking in the mirror facing a light which will bounce off and reflect, those areas that should be beaming a lil'more with highlight. I alway highlight the highest points of my cheeks, my button nose, the bridge of my nose, cupids bow and brow bone. Sometimes if I'm feeling a bit fancy i'll highlight my chin and above my eyebrows for that extra sun kissed goddess look, in another words - a glazed doughnut.

However, I feel like this is unique to your face shape and structure. For example, I never connect my nose highlight from the bridge to my button nose because I don't feel like it will compliment me at all, but my mum does and that looks great on her.

Using a creme/liquid highlighter underneath your foundation
This step is optional. But going in with a liquid highlighter before applying your base is another way to make your highlight pop offffff. I have oily skin, so using a liquid highlighter after finishing my whole base is a big no, cause it makes me look ridiculously oily. So for best results I use it under my foundation, which makes your overall base look glowy. Perfect for minimal makeup days and you can always choose whether you want to take it to the next level and use powder highlight too.

Brushes matter
I only noticed this step recently and I now know what brush to pick for the type of finish i want.
Large Ebay Brush - Now this one is the swooosh one, the highlight that just doesn't currrrrr she's uncontrollable and unapolagetic and way OTT but still cute.
My all time favourite brush is the Morphe M501 - this brush is bomb af. Its perfect for precise highlight, the type of highlight that is controlled and knows the part they play in the game.
Elf Fan Brush - is what I use for that 'i have to be out the door in less than five mins' type of highlight, its not that precise but it does the job. It fits perfectly in between the brow bone so thats a plus.
Real Techniques Accent Brush - which was gifted to me by one of my besties is the new MPV for my nose highlight - its preciseeee and it will snatch that nose highlight like there's no tomorrow.

blog bout beauty highlighter mua make up brushes

Pick up a little - Swipe, Blend and Repeat
This is the technique I always use, as it allows me to build the coverage or the brightness and i feel like it's very important to make sure its all blended in with the rest of your make up. Cause hun a big swoosh of unbelted highlight aint cute boo. Pick up with your brush, swipe, blend the edges, find the reflection of your highlight in the mirror and the rest is up to you, whether you want to build the intensity or not.

Lights and reflection
Now, you've followed all the steps and your highlight is doing the absolute mosttttttt. I always get asked how i manage to catch my highlight in pictures and its all down to the ANGLES and LIGHTS.

There needs to be a mix between the lights hitting your face directly and having your phone in an angle which will catch the reflection making it pop. I usually just hold my phone up and swirl around the room until I find my highlight reflecting. & POWWW that highlight is yours!

I hope this post answers your questions about all things highlight. Check out out my previous post about my all time favourite highlight here

Hope xoxo

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