August 15, 2017

Isn't the internet a wonderful place? Somehow somewhere someone will always find alternative products to include to your beauty routine. One of my favourites is still the Nivea Men's Shaving Balm - review here.  Sooooo, back to Milk Of Magnesia. 

I know people have been using this for years and I was so hesistant to jump onto the bandwagon (im always late to it anyway) because of the ingredient list and what the product is actually produced for; which will become clear towards the end of this post. 


Milk of Magnesia which contains magnesium hydroxide, water and sodium hypochlorite, is used as a laxative which reliefs stomach indigestion, hyperacidity heartburn..etc. 

But of course someone somehow decided that it could work really good as a face primer and it does. I have really oily t-zone, if i do my make up without using a primer i can guarantee my face will be oily af within 3/4 hours and thats even if I've baked with translucent powder. 
I'll use MoM like any other primer, I shake the bottle really well before use and apply a generous amount with a flat foundation brush on my t-zone. The liquid has some sort of peppermint toothpaste smell but nothing than will linger on your skin after having dried. It takes like 5 minutes to fully dry and 9/10 it will leave a thin white mask on your skin. However, after doing your foundation it will no longer be visible so its nothing to worry about. 


I think this is absolutely amazing for those special events where you don't want to be worrying about a grease face. Whether it's a big night out or a wedding you are attending, the last thing you want in your mind is worrying about patting down the oil or looking like a disco ball in pictures. So for this I hugely recommend it because its very effective at keeping your face dry matte, which also means your makeup stays intact allllllllll day/night. I actually fell asleep with my makeup once(badddd i know) but when i woke up my face still looked flawless. I don't know how or why but this primer creates the perfect base for makeup, everything will blend smoothly and stay intact for hours and hours. I have also found that it works great as a face mask or cleanser to reduce my large pores (AKA bonus) but its not something i do really often. 

OK. Now.
My problem is that this stuff can be really bad for your skin.
Lets not forget the prime use for this is to neutralise your stomach when you have heart burn. It also contains sodium hypochlorite, and bruhhhh i was shook because that is bleach. Now a little science lesson for y'all. Our skin has a pH of 5.5 which is slightly acidic and most beauty and skincare products range between 5 and 8. Milk of Magnesia has a Ph of 10.5 which is way to harsh for our skin 'IF' used regularly, it could cause serious damage to your skin. It could destroy the natural pH of your skin and your acid mantle; which means bacteria and other yucky stuff find it easier to enter your skin leading to breakouts and acne.

So is it worth it? Yassss it's bomb for that special occasion but thats all. It's definitely not something you want to use on a regular basis and by all means no more than twice a week. I will pick it up if its really necessary and i want my makeup to look BOMB for hours. 

Have you used MoM before? 


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