Currently Loving: R E D

November 05, 2017

Must have been over a year since I did anything related to fashion on here but hey oh! I said I would start incorporating more than just beauty but also everything else so heres a wishlist slash things i've currently been obsessing over.

red colours fashion blogger blog bout beauty

You could also call this a red appreciation post, because.. why not? I don't know whats gotten over me but the colour RED in general sends shivers down my spine. I was browsing through my saved items on ASOS and a good 3/4 of it was either bright red, red or burgundy. Idunno if it's because its november and duh.. christmas is here and I'm unconsciously trying to become an elf. But this is the colour I've seen to latch on. Soon be ready for the red insta feed, red makeup looks red errrthanggg!

Current Vibes: RED, Zippers and Vinyl. 

Are you obsessed with any colours this season?

Hope xox

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