The Ordinary Coverage and Serum Foundations: Review & Swatches.

November 30, 2017

The Ordinary Foundation COVERAGE SERUM 3.2 R N

Getting my hands on this foundation was stressssssss. It was sold out everywhere and there were thousands of people signed to the waiting list. Once they were available on Asos I didn't even think twice, premier delivery and student discount? It's a yes from me. It worked out to £10.80 for two foundations, I meannn not even Superdrug will get u that.  I am a big fan of their skincare products and knew I just had to try both of these out.

The foundations are alcohol-free, oil-free and cruelty-free with SPF 15, cause hun if u ain't taking care of your skin in 2017 then wot r u doin?. Trying to work out my shades online was a big big big task, with 21 different shades, broken down into different letters which indicate the different undertones. I found this really helpful as a lot of products out there don't really focus on this, and I feel is crucial to find a foundation that matches your skin perfectly. 

The Ordinary Foundation COVERAGE SERUM 3.2 R N

The Ordinary Coverage Foundation

When they said full coverage, The Ordinary did not come here to play at all. I got the shade 3.2 N for neutral undertones and this foundation matches my skin like a dream.  It looks really natural on leaving a radiant semi-matte finish and leaves your skin looking like skin. Like, when I wear a full coverage foundation, I want it to hide EVERYTHING. BUT I also want my skin to look like skin ya'knaw, I'm not here for a cakey looking face. Two pumps are enough for a full coverage look which I blend with a kabuki brush. In regards to my oily skin, I always use a primer and translucent powder to set everything, and this foundation stays in place and doesn't bug allllllll day. I am so impressed with this gem and it has easily become one of my most reached products of this season.

The Ordinary Serum Foundation 

I normally don't buy foundations that are low coverage because I think, if I'm not going hard then I might as well go home! But it was so cheap I just thought I'd give it a try anyway. It has a very thin and liquidy-watery formula. Which scared me when I first applied it because my face looked WET and if u mixed that with oily skin, Nah, disaster. But this was gone after setting it with powder. It's lightweight; which I love. Is that type of foundation where you can still feel the gentle breezeeeee on your skin. Like I need to keep a mental reminder to not touch my face because I forget that I've actually got foundation on.  I reach towards it whenever I'm doing a 'no makeup natural look'. This with a subtle highlight, mascara and carmex will get u looking like you've been drinking 4.4 litres of water a day. I got the shade 3.2 R which is a little red, which I expected (i was unsure about the shades and I didn't see the point in buying the exact same shade as the coverage one, just in case) but once I do my concealer in balances it all out.

The Ordinary Foundation COVERAGE SERUM 3.2 R N


Concerning the packaging, I haven't got anything much to say about it. It's simple, compact and it does the job, what more do u want for £6 sis?!?

Overall I am really impressed with these two foundations, and they have slowly become my favourites. Considering you get 30ml for the price of £6 is amazing and it definitely meets the standards of some of my high-end foundations. I really hope they decided to extend their beauty line to more shades for women of colour and other products like concealers, powders etc, because ill defo be buying that too.

Have you tried any of the ordinary foundations?
Hope xox

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  1. This foundation is so hard to get hold of I gave up, but you have made me want to try again haha! It looks really natural and the price is just wow! Love it hun

    Shannon //

    1. Thank you so much! Yo should definitely get it. Best thing everrrr xoxo

  2. I really love ordinary items.I am using many of their skincare items. I am willing to buy a foundation now. But I just did makeup lesson by makeup artist , so i don't have much idea about makeup. Can you please suggest me a shade for NC40?