The £4 Concealer Everyone Is Talking About: Makeup Revolution Conceal and Define Concealer

February 16, 2018

Can we just talk about how Makeup Revolution is killing the game right now? They have absolutely outdone themselves with the Conceal and Define concealer which caters to a variety of skin tones. For a drugstore brand, they are doing amazing sweetie, something that high end and luxury brands are still struggling out here in big 2018, yaaa knaw what I meannn. *cough cough* tarte slash it cosmetics. No comment.

Soooo, the MUR Conceal and Define Concealer comes in 18 different shades with seven more shades being added in March (yasssss), catering from fair to deep skin tones and have even taken a careful consideration to undertones. The concealer claims to be lightweight while still offering a high coverage matte finish that will not sink into fine lines or pores.

The shades I wanted kept going in and out of stock online plus none of my local Superdrugs stocked the darker shades so I got them of TamBeauty for £4.  I got an extra 10% off the order, so I basically paid £3.60 each. Gurrrrrrrl u can't tell me that ain't a steal. I ended buying 5 & got the following shades:

C12 - a neutral undertone
C13 – a warm undertone
C14 – cool undertone
C16 – warm undertone
C18 – warm undertone

C12 is my 'I wanna snatch my undereye' concealer, C13 will be 'basic but baddie' shade. C14 & C16 are my foundation shades which I will use for the days I don't want to wear foundation and lastly, C18 is my contour shade. MUR have done a really good job, the fact that I can contour with a drugstore concealer is crazyyyy!

The packing is really cute, rose gold plastic tube (will deffo be making appearances on my future flat lays, yup). It has a chunky doe foot applicator which is perfect for swiping product straight on your face, making application a lot easier. However, the downside to this is that you get less product as the wand is really chunky (only 3.4ml) but at the end of the day; you are only paying £4!

I was more than shook when I first applied it on. The wand makes it glide on so easy and we are talking 'good morning high coverage'. The finish was so radiant after blending out with my beauty blender and that was even before baking.

The formula has a perfect consistency, creamy but easy enough to manipulate and work with, cause there's nothing more annoying than concealer that dries up and doesn't blend out, Nah. It definitely does what it says it's meant to do, ' conceal' and 'defines' leaving a seamless base.

Concerning wear, for me, it works as good as some of my favourite concealers which are pricier. I do get some creasing after a full day but that's something I find inevitable!

Now! Is it the dupe to Tarte's Shape Tate? I don't know...I can't really make a comparison because I don't own the concealer myself and I never will - even if tarte do bring 30 dark shades. Nope. It's mindblowing how a brand worth millions and millions cannot invest into catering for deeper skin tones. I.AM.NOT.HERE.FOR.IT

This concealer has become one of my favourites and its right at the top with my LA Girl Pro Concealer and Urban Decay Naked. Since I got this concealer I've hardly reached for my other favourites and I just feel like you can't really go wrong with it. For £4 it's an absolute steal. It's got the coverage, the longevity and it looks amazing!  I really hope MUR decide to extend the line and come out with a foundation version!

Have you tried it? What are your thoughts?
Hope xoxox

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