My Favourite Pancake Stacks in Manchester

February 13, 2018

Happy Pancake Day!!! Pancakes are everything. Breakfast. Brunch dates. Desserts.  Nothing makes me happier than biting into fluffy warm pancakes all smothered in golden syrup with Nutella and peanut butter or banana and toffee.. arghhhh (I'm actually about to make some myself after writing this post). But today I thought I would come to you with my two favourite places in Manchester that serve the best pancake stacks all year round #pancakeappreciationEVERYDAY

10 Newton St, Manchester M1 2AN

Absolutely love Alabama's the vibe in there is more than sensational. You can choose how many stacks you want and mix and match with pancakes, waffles and french toast. There is so many toppings to choose from, the crispy bacon pancakes are personally my all-time faveeeeee - they are not joking when they say 'crizzzzzzpy'. However, they do get reallllllly busy and if you can making a booking through their website is worth it rather than being left disappointed with their waiting times + they have really cool toilets and i've deffo taken a few mirror piccys in there lol.

You should try: Bacon and Maple Syrup, Chocolate and Peanut Butter Stack. 

20 York Street, Manchester, M2 3BB

Moose Caffe is definitely more pocket-friendly but still, offer what I call the perfect brunch. Their Banana and Pecan pancakes are out of this world, no joke. They have a massive menu, so if pancakes are not your thing then there's definitely something for you. They are always busy but they have seats outside, the waiting time isn't usually long so booking for me has never been necessary + they are opening a new store in Manchester soon.

You should try: Banana and Pecan Pancakes with Hazelnut spread *inserts love-struck emoji*, Oreo Shake, Bacon and Waffles. 

I hope you have an amazing day filled with fluffy syrup-drenched pancakes.

Hope xoxox

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