December 09, 2018

Hey Boooooothang's! Long time no see. I'm not even gonna try and explain myself about my lack of blog posts this year - we'll leave that for another day!

So it's the festive season - chrissy party here and there and I thought I'd share my MY look to my works Christmas party on here. I saw this dress on PLT and I was instantly obsessed and I thought 'LOOK LIKE I'M GOING 4 A SWIMMM' - inspired by Chun Li, ygm?

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HOW TO MAKE SOME QUICK ASS HAIR CHOPSTICKS with stuff you have at home!

1. Find two chopsticks - in this case, I didn't have any so I used two kebab sticks LOL!
2. Paint them with nail polish and let them dry for 10 minutes (Use whatever colour you want). 
3. Cut them in half (this step is not necessary but I ain't trana poke peoples eyes out in the club sooo..)
4. Insert into your buns and you are done b xoxoxxo

Should I do posts like this more often? Lemme know 
Hope xoxoxo

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